Tasks and powers

A SurfAce confidential advisor can help you with this:

  • To provide a listening ear in case there is unwanted behavior but further action is not desired.
  • If desired, the informal handling of a complaint about undesirable behavior.
  • To deal with problems of members of the association regarding undesirable behavior.
    1. This is understood to mean; offering support, guidance and advice, making the problem discussable and manageable.
    2. To try to find the most desirable and feasible solution. If necessary by acting as a mediator, by engaging one, or by referring to an external body. All of this only with the consent of the person involved.
  • Confidants will discuss the best solution together if agreement from the contactee is given.
  • Confidential counsellors appointed by SurfAce have not been trained as confidential counsellors. If necessary, the person seeking contact will be referred to an external contact person at the RUG or Hanze.

Confidential counsellors SurfAce

The confidential councellors in SurfAce are Marte and Toon. You can contact them through the details below.

Toon Brilman:

Foto van Toon
Phone: +316 19919986

External confidential counsellors

Confidential counselor RUG:
drs. M.H.J. (Marjolein) Renker
050 36 35435

06 1115 2213


More info: https://www.rug.nl/about-ug/organization/rules-and-regulations/integrity/vertrouwenspersoon/

Vertrouwenspersonen ACLO:
Leon Hovenkamp & Velda Tjalma


More info: https://www.aclosport.nl/en/about-aclo/confidential-contact-person/