Transportation to the water is a problem for students who don't own a car. That's why SurfAce owns two awesome busses: the Sambuca and the Sambal. These busses bring us everywhere: the Hoorsemeer with the beginners, Lauwersoog, the IJsselmeer and Wijk aan Zee. Of course we also go on many trips including Denmark, the South of France, Tarifa and Marokko.



One of the big problems surfing students encounter is storage of their surfing material. Often the solution is to store it with your parents, but this often leads to the sad experience of not surfing. And storing your material on your small student room is not a very great solution either.

Lucky for these surf fanatics SurfAce owns a 'stalling'. For €30,- a year  you can store your material in a box. A box is large enough for 2 boards, mast, boom and about 3 sails. Need to store more? Then you can always rent more than one box. 

A can in the 'stalling'


The association has been investing greatly in surfmaterial for beginners the past few years. In total we own about 20 complete beginnersets. The boards are mainly Starboard Rio's, modern beginnerboards. Short and wide boards to make the windsurfing as easy as possible for you. This combined with light sets ensures that you will get the hang of surfing in no time.

For the more advanced members who are ready for a challenge after the beginnerboards we own multiple intermediate boards. On these boards you can still make a rope start by hoisting the sail from the water, but they are a lot smaller than the beginner boards. Ideal to fully master planing or make your first waterstart or powergibe

The most experienced surfers from SurfAce own their own material. However for those who still search for their own board or if their board is temporarily out of use we have a few freeride, wave and freestyle boards.


Can't you wait to get back on the water again? Well, the CliCo can't either!

The CliCo was founded with the aim of organizing as many awesome intermediate/advanced clinics as possible. These clinics will be taught by both internal members and external pro windsurfers. Additionally, our goal is to organize at least one surfing event per year, such as the IJsselmeer Crossing.

These clinics will cover disciplines like freestyle, wave riding, saltwater sailing, gybing, etc. We will approach instructors when there's enough wind, but if you'd like a clinic in a specific discipline, you can of course let the CliCo know, and we'll see what's possible.