Learn to windsurf

Do you want to learn how to surf as a student? Then SurfAce is the right place for you. The BeginCie, our beginners committee, will be pleased to teach you all the ins and outs of surfing. 

The BeginCie is a group of experienced surfers who have taken it upon themselves to teach you all you need to know on surfing. 
They offer two ways to start with surfing:

The beginners course

Starting May, June and September the BeginCie offers a 5-lesson course in which you will learn how to surf. We guarantee that after these 5 lessons you will be able to surf on your own. 

The lessons take place on Monday, Tuesday and/or Thursday afternoons and one is allowed to be absent on 1 of the 5 lessons. 
Members can sign up on the website under 'Events'.


As a member of SurfAce you can participate in the beginners course for free. A membership costs only €85,- a year. This way it is affortable for you to learn windsurfing during your time as a student. Besides the full-year membership SurfAce offers introduction memberships. These are available twice a year: after the KEI-week, intro-membership (€20,-), and in April, spring-member for €40,- . 
During these memberships you will have the opportunity to find out whether windsurfing is the sport for you. To get the full experience the beginnerscourses and B-days will be organized in these periods.
Want to try the water before you become a member? You can join up for a day for €10,- !

Discount on clinics

Surface also offers discounts on surflessons (clinics) with the help of a subsidy from the ACLO. Wherever you are, if you can follow a clinic at a surfschool of rental company then you get compensated 80% of maximally 150,- for one clinic. Perfect for if you are on holiday and you want to windsurf cheaply! If there is subsidy left, then you can get more discounted of even get a discount on more clinics


In addition to the starters course the BeginCie organizes 'Beginner-days', also known as B-days, practically every weekend. On these days the BeginCie will be present for all your questions while you improve your surfingskills.
For these days there is a minimum of 3 participants and members can sign up under 'Events'.